We Moved & A Giveaway

I wanted to let my few readers know that we have officially moved to Odysseys With Love and we will no longer be posting on Memoirs of Megan. We have started a Newsletter and within these newsletters we will be hosting a monthly giveaway to our subscribers only. The giveaway will either be a gift from... Continue Reading →


Dashing Around Town | Fireworks Gone Wrong

Yesterday, James, Rhyan, Skyler, and I headed out the door to Addison, TX to watch the Kaboomtown Fireworks display. OPPS. We go all the way there and I couldn't understand why there was no traffic yet and no pedestrians. I looked at the date on  my phone and noticed it was only the 2nd. I... Continue Reading →

Day Trip to Six Flags

If you noticed yesterday that I did not post a new blog post, It was because I spent the day with Skyler at Six Flags Over Texas. This was our first trip to Skyler's favorite place this season. I do have to say that this was one of the best trips we have had in... Continue Reading →

Weekend Adventures

Over the weekend, Mr. James, Rhyan, Skyler, and I went out looking for something local to do. Our first stop was at Urban Legends Comic Book Store to see if maybe Skyler will enjoy reading those. We ended up getting the Wonder Woman collection for her.  We will see how she likes it Then we... Continue Reading →


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