We Moved & A Giveaway

I wanted to let my few readers know that we have officially moved to Odysseys With Love and we will no longer be posting on Memoirs of Megan. We have started a Newsletter and within these newsletters we will be hosting a monthly giveaway to our subscribers only. The giveaway will either be a gift from... Continue Reading →


Tethered | to this desk and life

 Tether - It has so many different definitions. A line to which someone or something is attached. When I say Tethered - to this desk and life, I am not meaning an actual tether, but that this invisible tether that keeps me a few feet of my computer, this addiction that I have. My mom complains... Continue Reading →

Gone Camping or not…..

I had been thinking of going camping at Disney World would be a cost savings for us. I did a price check on it to see. I have noticed that Disney World has a special for summer that you can get a summer room special pricing. With us having to purchase all of our camping... Continue Reading →


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