We Moved & A Giveaway

I wanted to let my few readers know that we have officially moved to Odysseys With Love and we will no longer be posting on Memoirs of Megan. We have started a Newsletter and within these newsletters we will be hosting a monthly giveaway to our subscribers only. The giveaway will either be a gift from... Continue Reading →


Unschooling | Chattering away at no one

Last night I was playing around on Pinterest when I came across a pin called Unschooling Ideas for all subjects and it made me interested in diving further into learning what Unschooling is. This site had so many interesting ideas to use to interest her children into learning. I pinned this post and started to look further into... Continue Reading →

What Have I Been Reading

I am an avid reader. Everything from Fairytales and Historical Romance to books turned movies. I will read anything that I can get my hands on but the historical romance seem to always be a favorite of mine. With my Amazon Kindle Unlimited I get to read a lot of new and old books. You... Continue Reading →


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