Travel | Is it Just a Dream?

I can't help it, I keep dreaming of travel. Packing my bags, getting into an RV and traveling the states, and then boarding a plan and backpacking around the world. How many of us actually have this dream? How many of us actually live this dream. I have searched Pinterest and I see that some... Continue Reading →


How Amazon Can Save You Money at Disney World

I haven't been to Disney World since I was a child. I know we stayed off site in one of the local hotels then, and I through a fit when I realized that Tinkerbell wasn't Tinkerbell. That's all I remember about that trip. This was in 1990. Planning Our Family Vacation To Disney World 27... Continue Reading →

Tethered | to this desk and life

 Tether - It has so many different definitions. A line to which someone or something is attached. When I say Tethered - to this desk and life, I am not meaning an actual tether, but that this invisible tether that keeps me a few feet of my computer, this addiction that I have. My mom complains... Continue Reading →

Tiny Living Dreams

Our ultimate goal is to one day downsize and go tiny. My first thought is to possible purchase a school bus and turn it into a tiny home on wheels. Take to the open road with my family as passengers. I have looked and joined many groups of families that have taken this step in... Continue Reading →

Snacking Around Epcot

Today's Daily Post prompt make me laugh. Snack. Why did I laugh? Well last night I was looking at at things to add to My Bucket List post and on there is Snacking Around Epcot. This is one of the things I really want to do is inside of World Showcase is going to each... Continue Reading →

Day Trip to Six Flags

If you noticed yesterday that I did not post a new blog post, It was because I spent the day with Skyler at Six Flags Over Texas. This was our first trip to Skyler's favorite place this season. I do have to say that this was one of the best trips we have had in... Continue Reading →

Weekend Adventures

Over the weekend, Mr. James, Rhyan, Skyler, and I went out looking for something local to do. Our first stop was at Urban Legends Comic Book Store to see if maybe Skyler will enjoy reading those. We ended up getting the Wonder Woman collection for her.  We will see how she likes it Then we... Continue Reading →

Gone Camping or not…..

I had been thinking of going camping at Disney World would be a cost savings for us. I did a price check on it to see. I have noticed that Disney World has a special for summer that you can get a summer room special pricing. With us having to purchase all of our camping... Continue Reading →

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