The “D” Word

As most of you know I am a single mother. To top that off, I am the only parent my girls really know. Sure, Skyler knows who her Dad is, and has even communicated with him some. We have a pretty decent relationship. Rhyan on the other hand does not know her biological father. It... Continue Reading →


Weekend Adventures

Over the weekend, Mr. James, Rhyan, Skyler, and I went out looking for something local to do. Our first stop was at Urban Legends Comic Book Store to see if maybe Skyler will enjoy reading those. We ended up getting the Wonder Woman collection for her.  We will see how she likes it Then we... Continue Reading →


I haven't meant to go missing in action the last few weeks. I have been busy with my photography, little bit Rhyan as i prepare for court with her biological father, and we had a scare with Skyler again as she had a blindness episode. I am waiting for a dr. Appointment for her to... Continue Reading →

Home Schooling – First Day

I sat down this morning with Rhyan with the Scholastic Pre-K Workbook and I feel it was a disaster. I am starting home schooling her at an odd time I know. After finding out that the schools that offer Pre-K in my area are schools that I do not want my daughter attending, I picked... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Rhyan

Four years ago, at 5:36 am, Little Miss Rhyan Jean was born weighing in at 7 lbs 3 oz. I still can't believe that you are here, my little surprise baby. I wish I remembered more about your birth or had a birth photographer there with us. Your now four years old and little miss independent.... Continue Reading →

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