Date Night Ideas in Dallas

Dallas Texas is packed full of things to do and even more awesome date night ideas for all of the Dallas Couples out there looking for something to do. Are you wanting something awesome to eat? Dallas has you covered from the hole in the wall to the fine dining experience. Art Lovers? Head down... Continue Reading →


Downsizing and a Date Night

I had a wonderful weekend with Mr. James. He has known I wanted to clean my closet out for a while now and I am always wanting to downsize and start to live minimally, so why not start now in getting ride of things. Why not start with my closet? The closet that was packed... Continue Reading →

Unschooling | Chattering away at no one

Last night I was playing around on Pinterest when I came across a pin called Unschooling Ideas for all subjects and it made me interested in diving further into learning what Unschooling is. This site had so many interesting ideas to use to interest her children into learning. I pinned this post and started to look further into... Continue Reading →

My Relationship with Mr. James

In continuing my series, 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me,  I sat down to think about how I can do the "Describe Your Relationship with Your Spouse." That's kind of hard for me to do since I don't have a husband. I am not even sure that I ever will have a husband. Well,... Continue Reading →

Tethered | to this desk and life

 Tether - It has so many different definitions. A line to which someone or something is attached. When I say Tethered - to this desk and life, I am not meaning an actual tether, but that this invisible tether that keeps me a few feet of my computer, this addiction that I have. My mom complains... Continue Reading →

Pre-Teen Makeover

I love my daughter Skyler with a passion. Over the last school year I have noticed that she has had a lot of issues with her classmates where she was being bullied over her looks. See, Skyler isn't like her classmates. She is a year older, taller, and has hit full puberty years earlier than... Continue Reading →

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