Making Money with Amazon Associates

I absolutely love Amazon. I joined Amazon Associates a while back with the hopes of earning a little extra pocket change. I used it on my YouTube channel and linked the Imako Cosmetic Teeth on it all the time. I didn't earn a lot from it, but just a few extra dollars here and there... Continue Reading →


SWAGBUCKS – How I make Money!

I love using swagbucks to earn money from doing task that only take a few minutes each day and then letting a few other things happen as the happen. I would also love to build a team of others who love earning money and learning even more about about it. If you use the link... Continue Reading →

Murphy’s Law – Well Kinda

ANYTHING THAT CAN GO WRONG, WILL GO WRONG It was one of those weekends. Murphy's Law has bitten me in the rear. I woke up Sunday morning to my mom knocking on my bedroom door (I have to say at least it was locked) and told me there was something wrong with our water heater... Continue Reading →

Saving for Disney

So, my family is planning on going to Disney world after the new Star Wars Land opens in 2019. So for our all inclusive trip including food and flight, its going to be around $10,000 for a 7 day stay in a deluxe resort staying club level. It can go up or down from there... Continue Reading →

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