Memoirs of Megan will be no more. We have officially moved and set up the new website!

OWL and Mountain

Odysseys With Love

I want to thank everyone of you that has followed my blog here at Memoirs of Megan. As James and I grow our relationship, we wanted to start new with a website for both of us. This is how Odysseys With Love was born.

Over at the new site, we will be publishing post and articles about Travel, Family, and Love.


Our Odysseys will begin in the State of Texas, with our first road trip down to Padre Island National Seashore.

We will post about Things to do and see in and around Dallas and then as we adventure out further we will show you Texas as we see it. We love food so we will also share reviews of food and much more.

We will also be sharing our experiences as we get ready to start our Full-Time RV living. We plan to attend RV shows here in Dallas and other locations as we come across them as we search for the perfect for us RV.


As we head towards a blended family and raising our kids with a sense of wonder. We will share our home and road schooling of the girls, and how we are making and saving money.

Megan loves cooking, and wants to share with everyone different meals for a budget lifestyle.


James and I are still building our relationship. We will be showing you how we continue to grow our love of each-other, date night ideas, and more.

Still want to join us?

Head on over to Odysseys With Love and don’t forget to sign up for our Monthly Newsletter! We will be doing a Monthly Newsletter Subscriber only GIVEAWAYS EVER MONTH!


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