Changes Are Coming | Name Change and Branding | Part One

As I posted in Moving The Site??? Free Hosting VS Paid I have been considering moving the site to self hosting, and that got me thinking about where I actually want to go with the site. I got out pen and paper to figure out everything that I wanted it to be about and the way I wanted it to look. That is when I realized that I didn’t want the new site to just be about yours truly. So it looks like when we make the move, Memoirs of Megan will be buried, but don’t worry, I will let you know before the move.

What About Family

That is when I came to the conclusion that it would not be just about me and my travels. I would not be using I when trying to figure out where the site should go. I started to say US and WE, the site should include all of us. Jacob, James, Rhyan, Skyler, and I should all be thought of when designing, planning, and branding the new site.

Finding A Name

So I sat down and started writing words about what the new site would primarily be about, what I have been starting to write about here. I wrote down the primary words and then went over to to come up with several more words that would fit the new brand.

Then it was time to string those together to come up with the Brand Name. I checked the few names I had to see if they were already in use. I also went to to check to see if it was already trademarked. After I had a list of about five different names, I sent them to James to check out. I knew I was leaning towards one, but I had to have this conversation with him about where we wanted the site. Not gonna lie, I was extremely pleased when he came back saying he favored the one I was already leaning towards. I don’t want to publicly announce the new site just yet, so I will be leaving the new name and other things out for now.

Coming Up With a New Logo

Photoshop has been a long time friend of mine. I opened up my program and started playing with logo design. I know I will hire a logo designer on Fiverr at some point to actually design it, but I wanted to put fourth a few ideas for now to help with the branding of the site. Should the logo be feminine, simple, modern, vintage, or something else entirely? That is when I noticed something. If I changed one word in the new name, it would created a acronym that was a word of something else I loved.  I sent the new name to James, to see what he thought without telling him the acronym but he liked the new words and even more when I told him the whole story behind it.


The Branding Pinterest Board

I started a secret pinterest board to start putting the things I felt we would like to incorporate in the new site. I included a few designs I liked for the acronym, colors, website ideas, and fonts. I sat down with James last night to go over a few of the ideas I had pinned since at that time he couldn’t see the board. I added him to the board this morning.

Branding Board2 I created a branding board using the template I found from Sharifa Wynne , if you want to use this, head over to her website to find her Adobe Illustrator free download.

Once I am done filling in my ideas for the site on the template, I will send this to the designer to create my actual logos and icons. Everything else I can fill in on it as I start to build the website.

I have added a few pre-made WordPress themes  to the pinterest board also as I find ones I love, and will sit down with James to finalize the one we want or even hire one of their designers to also look at the branding board to build us one of our own.

Want to Learn More? Page Two


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