Changes Are Coming | Name Change and Branding | Part Two

This is Part 2 of Changes Are Coming | Name Change and Branding Click here to read Part One

The Tagline

My next thing to think about was the tagline of the new site. A Single Mom Lifestyle Blog wouldn’t work for the new idea we had growing. This part came VERY easy since I was already thinking of categories for the menu and what we would be writing about when we started the new site. I wrote that information down and actually added it to the idea for an alternate logo.

Social Media

We all know that we need social media to reach our audiences and I started to think about the social media sites I would want to use along with this site. I knew I would be using YouTube. I want to vlog our adventures and be able to link them to the post we write. YouTube would also be one mean to earning an income for all of this. Google Adsense would be connected to both the website and to the YouTube Channel.

Facebook would also be a good idea to start with also. We would be able to post our articles on there, and I love the new Facebook live feature. We really could share a lot with Facebook and host a lot of new things there.

Twitter. I am still learning twitter as we speak. I am not sure if this will be a platform that we will use on the new brand.

Pinterest. You know Pinterest really is the new way of googling things in our lives. This will be a must for us as I can create the new graphics for that to drive more and new readers and viewers to our sites.

Instagram is also a way for us to share behind the scene and everyday life with our readers. We can also gain new followers through Instagram.

Periscope is a new app for our phones that we can also use to let followers in behind the scene, but I think this would wait for a little while to see how to other platforms are doing.

How to Brand Social Media

One of the things I will be doing is not just our Logo, but I will also be putting together photos that I have either taken myself of the family, or I will higher a different photographer that shoots in the style that I want all of the images on the website to be like. I believe I will be able to accomplish this on my own without hiring someone, but we will see. All of my social media platforms will be the same in style. Main Images will be the same as our new Gravatar on WordPress when I have picked the image. I will also be using the light and airy style photos only through out all platforms. Something I am proud to say that I have finally learned to do is shoot light and airy photos.

Are You Done Yet Megan?

I am for today. When we get ready to launch the new site, I will make an announcement here to let my followers know that they can continue to follow me on the new site, and to sign up for the new brands newsletter. I am getting ready to start writing articles for the new brand but will keep up with this site also until that date.

Do you have any recommendations for starting the new brand and website? Let me know down in the comments.


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