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Last night I was playing around on Pinterest when I came across a pin called Unschooling Ideas for all subjects and it made me interested in diving further into learning what Unschooling is. This site had so many interesting ideas to use to interest her children into learning. I pinned this post and started to look further into what Unschooling is all about and would it be a benefit to my children as I am looking into homeschooling my children.

What is Unschooling?

You know Pinterest really is the new Google Search Engine. Off to pinterest I went into looking into what unschooling is. Over at Intentional Homeschooling (another pin I found) states that:

Unschooling is really hard to define because it can vary so much, it’s not like the Charlotte Mason method where they very much follow the idea of Charlotte Mason. My favorite definition of unschooling that I’ve come across comes from Marla Taviano’s ebook; An Unschooling Manifesto:

“Unschooling: student-led, interest-driven, mostly-fun, super-meaningful education that happens at home (and/or any other place along the way). Parents and other adults are valuable facilitators, but instead of lecturing, they’re sharing from experience and often learning right alongside the kiddos. There’s no set curriculum, no list of things the kids need to know, no replication of school at la casa. Creativity and innovation and community (and all the important stuff in life) are encouraged and nurtured. Kids are celebrated for who God created them to be and inspired to become the very best grown-up version of that unique and amazing person. Unschooling families think school cramps their style; childhood’s too short to spend cooped up in a classroom; and learning happens best in the context of real life. And real life starts right this very minute.”

So would this work for my children?

Interest-lead learning for my children? Being able to guide them but not really have lesson plans set out for them as the public schools (that are failing Skyler) and the curriculum in home schooling. This might be a great way to let Skyler develop a larger and deeper love for learning again. This school year has been detrimental to Skyler, as she has gotten wonderful at Math with her love of Prodigy Game she has fallen so behind in her reading skills. It worries me as she does not enjoy reading, but then again, I hated reading and struggled in school to pass the standardized testing.

So, is the benchmark and standardize testing the right way to go about learning for Skyler? I am starting to think not. So how could I help her blossom with it? How can I use her interest in helping her learn? How could I use the Unschooling method for Skyler then? That’s is when I went back to Our Unschooling Journey Through Life and their ideas to dive a little deeper. That is also when I saw about the games, and I dawned on me that Jame’s idea of using the game SmartAss and other games like it to help facilitate her reading comprehension.

What about Rhyan learning her basics? She can single her ABC’s but at 4 years old I know I have been lacking in teaching her. So, I will be looking at more Unschooling ideas to help facilitate her love of learning now, but Skyler is my main priority right now. I am so afraid that she is falling behind and I am worried about the standardize test that she has retaken three times as of now. If she fails it, there is a huge possibility that she will be retained in the 5th grade for another year putting her behind two years of children her own age. I can not let that happen, and my mom is not supportive of the idea of homeschooling a child that is bullied and picked on for just being her. WHY NOT LET HER BE HER? Learn on her own pace? Learn by her own interest? There are so many different options for online learning to let her pick what she wants to learn. Ways that I have learned different things myself.

Sorry for this chattering mess here, I knew it would be in the long run. So keep up with me in this adventure and learn as I learn more about unschooling. It may be a great opportunity for Skyler and Rhyan here very soon.


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  1. Megan, you don’t know how glad I am that you have posted this!

    My goal for Isabella is to unschool her once she has a good reading foundation. With Bella’s personality I think she would love the unschooling method. I have not figured out yet if Carlie will have the curiosity and drive that Bella has. But I do want to instill a good reading foundation for both of them before diving into the unschooling.

    We have been homeschooling for a year and it’s been a roller coaster!! But we love it, even my husband now says “I’m so glad we homeschool”. He was very skeptical about it at first.

    There are tons of support groups and co ops you can join! I’m still navigating through it all and trying to find where we best fit in but that’s the beauty of it…. we can find where we fit in and we aren’t a square peg trying to fit in a circle.

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    1. Hi Jaclyn,

      I just sent you the board I created with all that I could last night. I have been following you in your homeschool adventures and know that your a big supporter of me taking on the adventure. I just didn’t feel I had the money or knowledge to teach Skyler until I looked further into unschooling. Thank you for being a great friend for the last 10+ years.

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