How Amazon Can Save You Money at Disney World

I haven’t been to Disney World since I was a child. I know we stayed off site in one of the local hotels then, and I through a fit when I realized that Tinkerbell wasn’t Tinkerbell. That’s all I remember about that trip. This was in 1990.

Planning Our Family Vacation To Disney World

blue-angels-1024270_192027 years later, I am bound and determined to take my girls to Disney World. I am trying my best to figure out the best way I can go about doing this. I have read so many blogs and joined so many groups on how to Coupon and save for Disney, and I have learned so much. I have found so many helpful hints since I started this research, and I am pleased to share it with all of you.

How can Amazon Save Money at Disney World?

If your driving, this may save space in your car. If your flying this will save you money on checked bags. But where the real money saver come in is on water, drinks, snacks, and breakfast. The thing that I am seeing is that breakfast is not a good use of the dinning credits you have. If you eat breakfast in your room before leaving for the park, you can save money that way. Plus who doesn’t love opening a package that is stuffed full of goodies.

Amazon Pantry. For $5.99 you can have everything you need shipped to your room and it will be there waiting for you to arrive. If your a prime member and add 5 of their qualifying items, it ships free!

What am I planning to add to my box?

Just in one box I have the following items

That is 16 items in one box that you would normally have to pack or pick up while at the parks. These items filled 98% of the box and that is including two of the aquafina drinking waters. Since several of the items are part of the qualifying items for free shipping this box also qualifies for the free shipping. For the moms that have younger tots, Shipping diapers and wipes could be a huge space saving and money saving and well worth shipping them. I also checked and baby food is also on pantry also.

Where do I ship my box?

Check with the hotel first that you are staying at, and to also make sure that you will not be charged as some of the Disney hotels do. Some of them will hold your package at bell service and will deliver it to your room. Make sure to check with them how to have your package addressed. But it should look like this:

Your Name c/o Disney’s Wilderness Lodge hold arrival DD/MM/YYYY

901 Timberline Drive

Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830-8426

(407) 824-3200

It is also advised to included your reservation number. I know that we will be using this tip very soon.


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