Thursday Roundup – 7.6.17

This week is a mash up of all things that I have found on Amazon that I find, from bathing suits to coffee (again) and everything in-between.  I found the Amazon Exclusives and I am in LOVE with and then Amazon Launchpad is another great place to find new things.  This week I also had a little bit more time to find more products to bring to you.

Don’t Forget About Prime Day! July 11th!

Bathing Suits
bathing suit

This pink and blue vintage bathing suit would be perfect for miss Skyler. I have been looking for a bathing suit for her that would be cute but at the same time modest for her body type. I really think she would love this  CHERRY CAT Vintage Polka High Waisted Bathing Suits Bikini Swimsuit  Under the options, there is also a red and black one that I would even like. 

Coffee Love

What is this? I love coffee! I love Art, and this seems to be a gorgeously designed drip coffee maker! The Trinity ONE 3-in-1 Press, Drip, Immersion Specialty Coffee Maker  “is a brewing revolution for specialty coffee. It reduces bench top clutter and provides a functional, minimalist brewing experience. Presented in high quality stainless steel and black walnut timber, Trinity ONE is the world’s first appliance dedicated to manual coffee brewing.” I wouldn’t mind trying this little beauty out, but for the price tag its a little out of my range.

Just for Pets

81UmZsgs38L._SL1500_ I don’t just have two children, I have three fur-kids. I have a 8 year old chow chow that gets matted pretty bad over the colder months and end up shaving him down for summer and to get rid of his knots. Maybe a device like the GoPets Dematting Comb would help and let me keep him a nice big old fur ball. I also have two short hair domestic tabby cats. They shed like crazy and this could help keep me from sneezing thanks to their hair tickling my nose.


Mr. Peanuts Pet Grooming Glove goes along with my last complaint of my shedding cats. I wonder if these gloves really do work? It is rated 4 stars on amazon and the reviews I am seeing seems to me like this really does work. Do any of you have a glove like this to help your fur-babies?


Sleep Aids

I tried Dream Water a few months ago when I got a sample of it through Daily Goodie Box  and I have not had a chance to try it again but after finding it on Launchpad on Amazon, I might be giving it another try since finding out that it really is a new product open out on the market. I will say that I was able to fall asleep and sleep through the night when I did try my one packet.

Toys and Kids Things


I may have found a new type of toy to get Skyler. As my oldest loves Science, these look to be a great option to get her and let her build her own things. I am including a video to one of the kits that they offer. Amazon has so many different kits that your able to purchase and expand your projects. I am not linking to just one kit, but to LittleBits Store on Amazon so you can see ALL of them. I will be purchasing one for Skyler REAL soon, and I will link to that post once we have one.


I have seen the Anova Culinary Precision Cooker a few times and after really thinking about it, this would be perfect for the Tiny House Lifestyle. A cook-top isn’t required for this, just a pot of water, a zip-lock bag, and this gadget. It doesn’t take up as much space as a crock-pot, and it cooks it perfectly every time. This is on my list to buy. I wonder if you can freeze your foods before placing it in the bath??? Can we say Freezer meals!

The Photographers Corner

61MhsbyM8IL._SL1000_ I want this more than anything. It wasn’t in one of those special pages, but I had been looking for a drone for my photography. I wanted to start offering something no one else really does in my area.  I already offer small videos to my photography clients but this could step up my game. DJI Phantom 3 Professional is just a dream of mine.


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