Pre-Teen Makeover

I love my daughter Skyler with a passion. Over the last school year I have noticed that she has had a lot of issues with her classmates where she was being bullied over her looks. See, Skyler isn’t like her classmates. She is a year older, taller, and has hit full puberty years earlier than most of her classmates.

Skyler Shadara_Megan Nance Photography_June 07, 2017_00062-26Skyler, at 12 years old is such a beautiful young woman. I have been trying my best to help her with a beauty routine over the last few months and I think she has it down now. I purchased her the Clinique Liquid Foundation for acne control. Talked to her about washing her face and using moisturizer, and then went to browbar at Ulta Beauty to have her eye brows done. I was not sure if she was too young for this or not, but I felt that since she inherited my bush man eye brows that at 12 she would be fine to start waxing and plucking her brows.

So, Skyler is slowly turning into this young woman that is still her, but at the same time someone so much more. She enjoys the pampering and laughs at me because her foundation is a lot more expensive than mine. She isn’t doing a lot of makeup yet. Just foundation and lip-gloss.

I battled with myself that she was too young for this, that me having her change herself would be me telling her that she wasn’t good enough the way she was. I helped her choose clothing that would be more in style with what kids are wearing today. Everything about the outward appearance of her has changed. But, I told her she was the same Skyler on the inside, and she will prove that to you in a heart beat. She still talks about gaming, six flags, and the things she loves.

How old were you when you started to do your beauty routine? At what age did you start plucking or waxing your eye brows or your own daughter?


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