Branding | Creating a Cohesive Look

I am trying to brand my site and all other social media into one cohesive look and I think I know how I am going to go about it. The Featured Image above is just an example of how I want all of my main images to look like. I use a lot of stock photography on this site, but that is a post for another day. So most of my images are going to slowly change into this.

I don’t know if all of my images will have the boarder and “screen” on it and I am not sure if all of my images will be black and white. I love black and white images, but sometimes my images I use that are my own are not black and white. Other images may be on one of the stock websites that is perfect for the main image, but it is color. We will see how that goes, but I know that the font on the image will be in Rose of Baltimore and Palatino.

Where am I using these? Well here of course, and on Pinterest. Did you know that I just started a new Pinterest account? I opened a business account and I am starting all over. Join me on Pinterest at Memoirs of Megan and don’t forget to join my Group Board – Megans Blogging Friends this way we can all add our blog post and information we want to share with each other. Just remember this is a BRAND NEW BOARD!


***Updated – Board Covers are Square, so I have updated the graphics below***




Get Off The Road


Please feel free to use any of my board covers


3 thoughts on “Branding | Creating a Cohesive Look

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  1. Hi,
    I absolutely love your graphics. My favorite is the bottom one about the bucket list. How did they do on Pinterest? I heard vertical graphics do best.
    I blog over at Maybe you can check out my blogging tips site. I also host six blog parties a month or you could meet new readers.

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    1. Hi Janice!

      I am loving my new Pinterest Boards. When I went to place them as the covers for my boards, not all of it shows. I read somewhere that the correct size for the covers are 217 x 147, so I may be adding that to this post later on. So it is a horizontal format for the covers. I did play around with a vertical just to try it out and see if it worked better. It just crops it horizontal. I’ll be working on that now too. The vertical graphics are for the feed part I believe.

      I will jump over to your blog right after finishing this. Thank you so much for reaching out

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