The Bridesmaid and Wedding Planning

My Best Friend Jennifer is getting married in the middle of September. I am actually a little excited about it and cant wait to be one of her Bridesmaids. I still can’t believe she is getting married before Carian or I do. I am so excited for her.

We have been doing little things here and there and I am laughing at all of the flowers she is ordering on Amazon. After playing with the flowers, its made me want to order some also for decorating my own house. If you would like to see some more information about any of the flower, or your planning your own wedding and would like to order any of these, click on the photos below.


We have also gone up to Davids Bridal and watched her try on dresses which was a lot of fun, even though she has already ordered her wedding dress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thinking back on when I was wedding planning for myself. I wanted to have a forest green and chocolates as my wedding colors. I am no longer in love with those color ideas, but more of the Purples.



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