Dashing Around Town | Fireworks Gone Wrong

Yesterday, James, Rhyan, Skyler, and I headed out the door to Addison, TX to watch the Kaboomtown Fireworks display. OPPS. We go all the way there and I couldn’t understand why there was no traffic yet and no pedestrians. I looked at the date on  my phone and noticed it was only the 2nd. I felt like an idiot dashing out the door with everyone in tow to see the fireworks that wouldn’t happen till, well, today. Kaboomtown is scheduled for July 3rd and I felt like I let everyone down since I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

As we got back on 635, I exited 75 to head back to Dallas. Then an idea struck me as we were just talking about fixing dinner and stopping at the grocery store. I pulled up to Central Market. I have never been in to explore this store other than to grab a quick lunch and head back to work. We slowly walked around and looked at everything. Skyler saw exotic fruits that looked dangerous (Rambutan), and whole fish and breads and breads. I love this store but fell in love with the cheese section.

As we were walking around Central Market has samples of lots of different things that we were able to try including sushi. This gave me a new idea. What stores has the most free samples for their customers to try. I did a quick google search and found out both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s has lots of samples.

We headed to Trader Joe’s as we had already passed Whole Foods. When we got to the Henderson area, I couldn’t wait to talk around with my little family and see everything down there, but when we walked into Trader Joe’s and saw the prices of everything, I was amazed at how affordable everything is. They have a little corner set up in the back for samples and we tried a juice that James and Skyler hated. Rhyan and me on the other hand liked it and Rhyan had to finish it. I was talking to one of their employees and let him know this was our first time in the store, and he surprised me even more by saying that if we saw something we wanted to try, just let him or another employee know and they would open it up for us to try. (I don’t know if this is just this store or all of them.) We saw that they had Sushi also at a VERY affordable price. The Meats were fresh looking and I couldn’t believe how cheap their steaks were. James grabbed two bags of Chicken Fried Rice and two things of sushi and home we went. We were out the door at $15.00 total for a dinner for four.

I believe we will be going back VERY soon.


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