SWAGBUCKS – How I make Money!

I love using swagbucks to earn money from doing task that only take a few minutes each day and then letting a few other things happen as the happen. I would also love to build a team of others who love earning money and learning even more about about it.

If you use the link above or click the photo, it will take you to the registration for swagbucks. It will take you through a short intro into using the site and how to earn what they call SB.

1 SB equals 0.01 in real money. Each task on the site will range in amounts where you can earn quite a bit of money. So far since I joined I have earned $90.00. That is more money in my pocket than I would have had before using the site.

Easy ways to earn on swagbucks

  • The Daily Poll – This is only 1SB that is an easy earning since you can get it every day. IF you do it daily, you will have $3.65 by the end of the year.
  • The “To Do List” –  The Daily Poll is the First one on there, so you have already completed the first task for your To Do List. If you complete them all, you will earn 4SB on top of what you have already earned that day. That is again $14.60 that you didn’t have before.
  • Search and Earn – We all search the internet at different times for different reasons. I have set my computer to search automatically to search using their search engine. What does this do? Once in a while you will earn SB with it. I have earned up-to 100SB this way. Now, you won’t earn SB each time you search, but the more you search the better your chance to earn this way.
  • Download the App – I have the app on my cell phone also. Why? I want to be notified when they have codes to earn SB. Sometimes these are on their Facebook page, other times they are hidden on their website. I have been earning around 3-4SB a day using these codes.
  • The Daily Goal – On the top of the website you will see you have a daily goal. There is a blue and a red goal each for different amounts. I try and get my blue goal daily. If I can, I also try for my red goal. If you do this daily you can earn bonuses.

Those are just some of the simple ways to earn that don’t take to much time. There are lots of other ways also.

  • Gold Surveys – If you click on Answers, you are taken to the Gold Surveys page. Here is the real money makers if you have time. As it is part of the To Do List to at least attempt one (note you only have to have 6 out of the 8 items on the to do list to get that bonus) and another is to complete one, its easy to at least look to see if any of them would be worth it to you. I like Surveys. They do range in SB from just a few to 200 – 300SB, and range in time from just a few minutes to hours even. I always try a few. BUT! If you do try to do a few of them, make sure to keep your answers consistent otherwise you could be kicked off of swagbucks.
  • Watching Videos – WOW, you can earn upto 500SB a day for letting the videos play! That’s upto $5.00 a day just for that. (I let them play on a silent computer BTW.) You do have to sometimes baby sit it.
  • Other Sites Connected to swagbucks – If you click on Discover, it will bring you to a page that you can select one of the other ways to earn through places like TrialPay (Click on the Free Tab, and you have many other options), RadiumOne (scroll through and take a look at the offers), OfferToro (Many different ways to earn from video to mobile apps.) PeanutLabs (More Surveys! and other offers!). There are a few others, so go take a look around.
  • Discover Tab – I already had you look at the discover tab, but go right over everything else to the other sites that are connected. Now take a look around discover. If you don’t mind spending a few $$$ to earn a few more $$$ there are some great offers here. NOW, just make sure that you look at the offers first and make sure you are on one that would actually be making money on these.
  • Shopping – If your already planning to shop online, why not make a little but of money back from this. Everything from Amazon to Walmart, you can earn cash back from your purchases.

How Do I Get My Money?

When you have reached at least 500SB, you are able to cash out your SB earning for gift cards. What type of gift cards are available? Walmart, Target, Amazon, and PayPal! I normally cash out for Walmart or PayPal depending on what I am needed done. Now it can take several days for your gift card is ready.

Referral Links!


Why do I want a team of swagbucks users? Well, to have even more earning potential! So If you use my referral links like HERE or by clicking the pictures above, when you earn SB, so do I. I earn 10% of your earnings after you sign up. So if you earn 500SB I then also earn 50SB. If you share your referral link with your friends and readers, then your able to earn even more faster also. Why not share the love! I have also created a Facebook Group for my readers here Swagging with Megan! I will be posting the swagcodes as I see them posted and so can you! Ask questions and more. Lets grow this group.


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