Thursday Roundup – 6.29.17

I wanted to start a Thursday Round Up weekly post that includes products and things that I have found over the week. Down the road I hope to make this a weekly favorite post of things that I have actually tried and I am able to review them for you.

Until that day, I will let you know if the products are ones that I already have and this is a review, or if this is more of a “hint hint, Mr. James” and for a list of things I want to buy for myself. But, for today these are things that I have found and would love to have. Also, If you purchase any of the products listed here, please know that as an Amazon Associate, I do receive a small commission on them. Don’t have an Amazon Account, try a free trial HERE.


This may seem like a Canon Lens, but its actually a coffee mug perfect for the photographer. The EastVita Travel Coffee Mug, 24-105mm it holds 12 oz from the answers section as the listing doesn’t actually say how much. This does not say Canon on it, but Canaim from some of the reviews and the picture that I am seeing (This is a trademark issue so the seller wont get in trouble for it.) Hopefully I will have this for myself here soon. 


Still with the coffee theme, this gorgeous Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine. If you have followed my older blogs, you know I am a coffee-holic. I also love making espresso.  This one has the grinder on top, frothing wand, and apparently its customization. Too bad it doesn’t have a timer on it to start making my first cup right before I wake up. 


And my last coffee related item today is the MiniPresso. For our trips we are planning in the future, having a single shot espresso maker seem like a great little devise. I can’t wait to have this for our camping trips.


Funny story, but I ended up breaking my shower head holder thing the other day after a first time drinking and playing games with Mr. James and my mother. This H2oVibe is a rain shower head with a Bluetooth speaker in the middle.


So these are just a few things that I have found today for this post. I will be finding more things for next weeks post so it will be more than four things for you to look at. If you want to see them and find out more information please feel free to click on the link or the photo to be taken to the Amazon listing. Also if you purchase anything, I do receive a small commission as a Amazon Associate. These will be going right into my Disney Vacation Savings Account and if you do purchase through my links, I will do a side bar shout out on my side bar to your blog or social media!


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