Moving The Site??? Free Hosting VS Paid

When starting this WordPress blog, I went with the free hosting platform knowing I would one day upgrade and move the site to a paid host after I saved up for a while, and to see if I actually got any hits and readers.  I have big plans for this site, and I also wanted to make a commitment to the site before I spent any money on one of the paid host. I haven’t been to committed to it so far. After posting my Commitment post a few days ago, I have been writing again and trying to come up with new post.

I do want to make an income at this. One of the reasons I have been using my Amazon Affiliate links on the sidebar, and in some of the post. With the free WordPress site, I can’t monetize the site like I would like and use the google adsense and a few other options you have when your on a hosted site. At the same time I also don’t want so many ads on my site that you can not navigate it. So let me ask you this:

  • Do the Amazon links within my post annoy you?
  • Would having ads on my site when I upgrade be a deterrent to you reading my post?
  • If you don’t mind them, what types of products would you like to see on the site?

Sponsored post is something I would like to have on my site later on also. I also would only like to have products and services that my brand align with and things I honestly love on the blog. If I find a product I do not like or feel I can endorse, I want to be as open and honest with you as I can, this means I would have to contact the company about my complaints before I upload it to the site to see if it is something they can fix.

So would you follow me when I upgrade the site to its own host instead of here on WordPress? I believe I can actually migrate my readers over since it would still be on a WordPress platform just not on the free hosting plans.

Last Question… Do you have a Website Host you recommend?


9 thoughts on “Moving The Site??? Free Hosting VS Paid

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  1. Good luck! I’m starting on this blogging-for-money journey, too! I got SiteGround, and so far I think they’re great. The customer service is very speedy, and I have a lot of questions. Let’s check back in with each other! Oh, and your ads don’t bother me. So used to seeing them on other sites. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for letting me know about the ads. I would love to keep in touch and check back in with each other. My Branding post actually has a link to my pinterest account and group board I want to start.

      Whats your site? I tried clicking on your information above but its telling me your site was deleted. Let me know so I can follow you


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