I always start the blogs out strong and then something happens and I go MIA and then open up a new blog under a different name to try and get back into it. But, with Memoirs of Megan, I am trying to commit to this one blog and stick with it. I know I went MIA for a little bit, but I think it is understandable with what was going on. I have not had time to write. I think that I will start a “blog schedule” and keep up with that Monday-Friday where I at least use the Daily Post Prompts like this one right here (I have to say this one came at a great time.) I need to commit to this blog. Especially if I want it to one day be a income for me and my family. I am also considering the YouTube Vlogs Also mainly for the weekends and also my reviews of new products I find and want to share and also Mr. James and I on the weekends too. We started looking at Tiny Houses like the ones out at Recreational Resorts Cabins (Just need to look at the figures on the house and the tiny house and find land now) I found the one that we both loved and would love to start vlogging looking at them also.


I am also starting to stick back money for our Disney Vacation again. I am still tossed up on either camping or staying in a moderate resort (camping means a longer vacation). I hope to have the funds within the year for us to go… I am using my SWAGBUCKS (want to join me click on the links to the right) more again and have committed myself to at least $1.00 a day on there. I am looking at starting soaping with JRS Soaps and More on Etsy, and having part of those profits go right to Disney and offering Photo Sessions where part of those profits also go right to Disney. I am also considering taking my oldest daughter out of school to home school her, so that also opens us up to possible other dates than summer.

Ok, done rambling now. I am making the commitment to post daily Monday – Friday with the daily post, and considering starting a new youtube channel. Also looking at soaping with the girls. So that will be an adventure in itself. I will let you know when I make my first soap product and will also post a discount for my readers here.


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