Murphy’s Law – Well Kinda


It was one of those weekends. Murphy’s Law has bitten me in the rear. I woke up Sunday morning to my mom knocking on my bedroom door (I have to say at least it was locked) and told me there was something wrong with our water heater and she needed my help. It didn’t wake Mr. James up. As I walked down the hallway I was dreading the flood that I was sure to see when I walked into my kitchen. I was surprised when I did not find a wet floor, just a visibly upset 76 year old woman.

I opened the laundry doors and the heat that was coming from this tiny place was unbearable. My mom had the foresight to toss a few rags over where the leak was coming from. I ran back to my room and tossed on a better outfit that a robe. I kissed Mr. James on the forehead and let him know I wouldn’t be coming back to bed since I would be working on the water heater for a while.

I quickly googled how to turn the water heater off. I am on top of my washer trying to turn the handle on the inlet water when I look over my shoulder and there is James. He is there ready to help me in in way he can. After looking into the next step of draining the water heater, he took over on that and really helped me out.

Fluidmaster B1H12 Water Heater Connector, Braided Stainless Steel – 3/4″ Female Iron Pipe x 3/4″ Female Iron Pipe, 12″ Length

I looked up how much the part would be at Lowe’s since it just seemed like it would be the hot water outlet that needed to be fixed. After about an hour the water heater had not seemed to empty like it should and I felt the inlet again and it still felt like water was running into it, so I grabbed my tools again and out front I went. Who was right behind me? James. So when I could not get the water to shut off at the street, he jumped in and helped me again.

Well, After waiting again for what seemed like forever for this dang thing to drain, I called GE to see if they could guide me at how long it would take for this thing to drain since it seemed to only trickle out. That is when I found out that my warranty went out in MARCH! It figures that is my luck. She did guide me on how to get it to drain a little faster. I also realized I never turned the power off to it…. OPPS. After all of that, I did get the part off and was able to go to Lowe’s to get a new one. James helped all the way. I really think I have been EXTREMELY lucky in finding Mr. James.

Then Another Thing

After laying in bed with James watching the new series The White Princess, I went to get a drink before we started to watch American Gods. My mom let me know that the Washing Machine was now broke.

I won’t go into details but James catapulted right into helping me with EVERYTHING that seemed to go wrong Sunday. I am extremely blessed to have James in our lives, I will say I am not letting go.


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  1. Murphy’s Law is one of the laws that I really believe that it exists, same as karma. Love the way you depict this law in a miraculous way that captivates readers to read more about your writings. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


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