When did my career become a farce?

For 11 years I worked in the security and law enforcement fields. I loved what I did, even after the police academy and only working part time as an officer at the collage district. It all went down hill and became so empty when I moved to the government security department. After Rhyan was born, I honestly felt like I was only play acting in my role. I knew it wouldn’t last. I knew that the director of my department didn’t want me permanently as head of security. The position I once held high and was so proud to be in, was going to another person as soon as he was back in town.

After sitting back after leaving that field behind I look back and see what a farce that departments became and how it has gone. Friends from the that job have called me to tell me what has been done and I can only shake my head at it. I had plans for that department that would have turned it around and been something proud, and now sure he did some of them, but the other things. I have to say that once the new guy was there I am glad I step down then out.


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