Home Schooling – First Day

I sat down this morning with Rhyan with the Scholastic Pre-K Workbook and I feel it was a disaster. I am starting home schooling her at an odd time I know. After finding out that the schools that offer Pre-K in my area are schools that I do not want my daughter attending, I picked up the workbook with full intentions of home schooling her for this upcoming year, but wanted to get a jump on it as I know my patience is thin.

Click photo to go to Amazon to purchase.

This is the workbook that I picked up. The first page in the book is the letter Aa. It was a writing exercise. I had a qualm that both of us would get frustrated trying to do it, and then my mom starts in and confuses her even more by saying to write it a different way. We just tried the upper case “A” this go round. I am not even going to try and do the lower case “a” right now till he have the upper case “A” down. Rhyan got so frustrated saying she couldn’t do it and started to cry. I got frustrated and walked away for a second and came back and told her we would try again in the morning with the workbook. I know that she can do it. It is just going to test my patience with her.

I sat down to look at flash card apps on my phone thinking that we may be able to use something on there also. I found the ABC Flash Cards for Kids app and sat down with her curled up next to me to show her them . She was able to get to “E” after some time of showing her them.

I am looking for any free apps and worksheets to start her off on the next few weeks other than this book. I am also going to be following my friend Jaclyn’s site for ideas of how I can change her games with her daughter to help Rhyan out. I love the idea of Simon Says… that she did with sight words. Now maybe if I did this with just the alphabet with Miss Rhyan.

Do you have any fun ideas for Home Schooling Pre-K aged kiddos?


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