Gone Camping or not…..

I had been thinking of going camping at Disney World would be a cost savings for us. I did a price check on it to see. I have noticed that Disney World has a special for summer that you can get a summer room special pricing. With us having to purchase all of our camping gear, it really doesn’t make sense to me to camp there when the savings would be so little in the end for us if any at all as we would need a tent, sleeping gear, and other things that would eat up the cost savings. Now if I were to start getting the gear now to go, and used it on other camping trips it may be a savings especially since they say you need to be an experienced camper to really enjoy camping at Disney. Not to sure how true that is. We would also be going in summer which is EXTREMELY hot down there. Do the Resort would have AC where we would need to bring either a AC unit for the Tents or lots of fans for us.

The only think I could see is that the campgrounds are REALLY close to the Magic Kingdom, like seriously its a boat ride away. We would drive in either case, and Caribbean Beach Resort is not close to the Magic Kingdom so we would need to drive or take the bus system at Disney.

Driving to Disney would be a HUGE cost savings for us in the long run, a flight for 5 just cost WAY to much. We are about 16 hours away so we could drive over night and me and the boyfriend could take turns so we could nap on the way there and still not be too exhausted by the time we get there.

UGH I am so tossed up about what I want to do! Which would you do?

Disney Price Check


4 thoughts on “Gone Camping or not…..

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    1. If we end up tent camping, we would bring a portable AC unit, and we plan on air mattresses anyways. The showers… they do have the comfort stations at Fort Wilderness, it really just depends on what time of day that we are able to get back from the parks as to how crowded they are… They look nice from the videos that I have seen so far.

      Also kinda hoping to have a RPOD or T@B by then so we have our own beds, AC, and Shower.


      1. Sounds good. I and my family are avid campers and have done it all over the country. (last week as a matter of fact) But I know that the days at Dworld are long and hot.

        Hey, to each his own. That is why Ford had to quit painting all the cars black. People are different.

        Happy travels.

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      2. Im still tossed up. I am seeing the summer specials are cheaper right now so it may be a resort too. Would love to do a deluxe but not really in the budget


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