This Maze in Life

Over the past few days, I have had temptation arise.

A little history

If you have read any of my old blogs, you may recall Mr. Experience. It was an up and down “relationship,” and the relationship is in quotes because I can not even call it that really, the fighting and bickering between us was so unhealthy. When I asked him for commitment, his exact answer “I can’t and don’t want a constant relationship.”  We fought our last time almost a year ago and I walked away.

Back to Today

The other day, he called me. I could tell he was intoxicated. My first words to him were “whats wrong?” He refused to answer me. Just asked me what I was doing.

“Laying in bed with Rhyan watching a movie…”

“Who’s Ryan?”

“Rhyan is my daughter, how could you forget that!”

“Can you come over here?”

“No, I can’t for several reasons. One, its late, two I have a boyfriend.”

“Can I come there?”

“No, as I said I have a boyfriend”

“I just want to talk.”

“You never want to talk. What is wrong!”

“Please can I come over?”

“No, your intoxicated, I have a boyfriend and I DO NOT CHEAT!”

He went on to hang up on me after that. He then started texting me. I told him again no, not going to happen. I am in a relationship, and he could not offer me what I need. It went on for a while. Him saying he could support my family and would “take care of me.”  Why couldn’t he have said that a year ago. I told him to text me in the morning when he was sober.

I called James as soon as he was off work and told him about the exchange. I wasn’t expecting him to actually text me the next morning. Mr. Experience was intoxicated, and would either not remember our exchange, or he would regret it. I was right. He still could not give me the commitment that James has. James may not be perfect in others eyes, but he is perfect for me. That is what matters.

So Why This Maze in Life?

So Why am I using the Maze prompt for this post? My life is a maze, every choice and action is a turn in my maze, some will lead me down a safe path, some will open new paths, and others will lead me to a dead end. If I had meet with Mr. Experience, I would be turning my back from the path with James and into what I knew would be a dead end. Mr. Experience would tempt me with pretty words, but my love for James, kept me on his path. Will it be a safe path, opening new ones, or his it a dead end? I don’t know yet. But with Mr. Experience, it is always the same dead end. I am not turning down that path again.


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